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Electrical Eng Testing


01. Accessibility Test Probe

A. Flexible test finger
B. Rigid test finger
C. Low voltage electric panel
02. Ball Pressure Test Apparatus
03. Fire Resistance Test Apparatus
04. Glow Wire Test Apparatus

04. Glow Wire Test Apparatus

A. Standard Model
B. Automatic Model
Air compressor fitted with HP Motor

05. High Voltage Test Apparatus


06. Hot Air Oven (Universal Memmert type)

- Extra for digital temperature controller

07. Humidity Chamber (size 45 x 45 x 45 cm)

A.Model ‘A’ (without heating and cooling)
B.Model ‘B’ (with heating only)
C.Model ‘C’ (with heating and cooling)

08. Impact Tester (Pendulum Type - Model ‘A’)

Insulation Resistance Tester

10. Torque Screw Driver Set


11. Tracking Index Apparatus


01. Contact Resistance/ Temperature Rise Test Apparatus

02. Cord grip Test Apparatus
- Extra for attachment for bed type switches
03. Tumbling Barrel

01. Endurance Tester for Switches

A. Operating system
B. Electric panel with load
02. Pull Test Apparatus (for cord operated switch)

03. Screwless Terminal Testing Equipments

A. Apparatus for electrical & thermal stresses
B. Conductor deflection apparatus
01. Apparatus for Testing Cord Grip and Strength in Service

01 Apparatus for Compression Test & Testing

Non Solid Pins
02. Breaking Capacity Tester
03. Endurance Test Apparatus(for shutters for three pin sockets)

04. Gauges for Interchangeability

A. Go Gauges (for plugs)
I. for 6 Amp rating
II. for 16 Amp rating
B. Maximum and minimum go gauges (for sockets)
I. for 6 Amp rating
II. for 16 Amp rating
05. Plug Pin Deflection Test Apparatus (for plugs made of resilient material)

06. Withdrawal Pull Gauge (for sockets)

A. For 6 Amp rating
B. For 16 Amp rating
07. Withdrawal Force Tester (for plugs)


A.Plug gauge for B 22 size
B.Plug gauge for B 15 size
C.Slot gauge for B 22 size
D.Slot gauge for B 15 size
E.Supplemetry go gauge for B 22 size
F.Supplemetry go gauge for B 15 size
G.Retention gauge for B 22 size
H.Retention gauge for B 15 size
I.Contact force gauge for B 22 size
J.Contact force gauge for B 15 size

02.Heating Test Apparatus

A.Chamber with stand
B.Shade for B 22 size
C.Shade for B 15 size
D.Panel with manual controls
E.Panel with automatic controls

03.Loading Test Apparatus (for B 22 lampholders)

- Extra for device for testing B 15 lampholders
04.Temperature Rise Test Apparatus
05.Test Device for Protection against Electric Shock
06.Torsion Tester