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Eng Adhesive Tapes


Adhesion Tester (Stripping Resistance Tester)

Bar Electrodes,
As per cl. 5.3 and fig. 5 determination of Insulation Resistance of Insulating tapes


Bond Strength Tester


Flammability Tester


Flagging Tester


High Speed Unwind Characteristics Tester


High Voltage Tester to test upto 3 KV


Hot Air Oven - Universal Memmert Type

Extra for digital temp. indicator cum controller


Humidity Chamber

Size 45 x 45 x 45 cm)
1. Model A
2. Model B
3. Model C

Jig for Electric Strength Tester


Low Temperature Elongation Tester


Penetration Resistance Tester


Pinhole Tester


Tensile Testing Machine, with rubber lined flat jaw type

A.Electronic Model, Model TE - R 50 or TE – R 20
B.Mechanical Model, Model TP - R 20
1 Arrangement to hold 50 mm wide plate in traversing jaw of the machine for conducting adhesion test on tapes as per
2 Test strip jig for conducting low speed unwind characteristic of tapes as per Method A, Appendix G
3 A steel roller with rubber lining for conducting adhesion strength tests as per

Test Device, as per to conduct visual test for electrolytic corrosion of insulating Tapes

Power supply to provide 100 volt DC supply

Thickness Gauge


Water Vapour Permeability Tester



Wraping Device