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Felts Carpet Equip


01. Humidity Chambers (size 45 x 45 x 45 cm)

A. Model A (without heating or cooling)
B. Model B (with heating only)
C. Model C (with heating and cooling)

02. Muffle Furnace (for ash constant determination)

- Extra for digital temperature controller

03. Tensile cum Spliting Resistance Testers - Electronic Models

(with grips for felts upto 25 mm thick and 40 mm wide)
A. Model TE-Y FLT 500
B. Model TE-Y FLT 200
a. Specimen Cutting Press (manually operated) - Hydraulic Type
b. Cutting Die for preparing specimens
04. Thickness Gauge

01. Abrasion Testers

A.Martindale Abrasion Tester
B.Carpet Abrasion Tester
02.Carpet Flammability Tester

03. Colour Fastness Testers

A.Crockmeter (against rubbing)
I.Hand Operated
II.Motor Operated
B.Prespirometer (against shampooing and against water)
C.Exposure Rack (against day light)
-Extra for Mounting Cards (lot of 20 cards)
a.Grey Scale for assessing staining
b.Grey Scale for assessing change in colour
c.Blue standard 1 to 8 (any one)
04.Dynamic Loading Device
05.Static Loading Device

06. Tetrapod Walker

A.Single Station
B.Three Station
07. Thickness Gauge

08. Tuft Withdrawl Tester

A. Motorised Model
B. Manual Model