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Helmet Equipments


Apparatus for Measuring Opening Angle of Visor

02. Audibility Test Apparatus
03. Equipment for Dynamic Test of Retention System and Retention Test
The retention system of helmets is subjected to a specified dynamic loading to determine its dynamic displacement, residual displacement, and damage to the retention system in order to assess the suitability of the helmet. It is further subjected to a dynamic loading at a tangential line on the rear part of the shell. After the test the inclination of helmet on the head-form is checked for suitability of its retention system. Apparatus for Dynamic Test of Retention System and Retention Test of helmets consists of a rigid fabricated steel frame fitted with arrangements to carry out either of the two tests.
Specification for Protective Helmets for Motorcycle Riders

Technical Details

Mass of the loading cum guiding system

For dynamic test

: 15 ? 0.5 kg (with head-form)

For retention test

: 3 ? 0.1 kg

Mass of falling weight

: 10 ? 0.1 kg

Height of fall

04. Hot Air Oven - Universal Memmert Type (Size 45 x 45 x 45 cm)- Extra for digital temperature controller cum indicator
05.Humidity Chamber



Impact Absorption Test Apparatus (without head form and computer / printer) - Extra for metallic head form of any one size

Impact absorption capacity of a helmet is determined by recording against time the negative acceleration imparted to a head-form over which the helmet is mounted, when dropped upon a fixed steel anvil in a guided free fall at a specified impact velocity. The GLOBE Impact Absorption Tester for helmets consists of a rigid frame with a heavy base plate, a set of interchangeable steel anvils mounted on the base, a free fall guidance system with a dolly to keep the head-form with helmet on, an arrangement to drop the helmet from a known height on the anvil, a set of three accelerometers mounted in three mutually perpendicular directions which can be fitted inside a hollow metal head-form, and a data acquisition system with suitable software to provide the test report.
Specification for Protective Helmets for Motorcycle Riders

Technical Details

Dimensions of main frame

: 900 mm x 600 mm x 4000 mm


: a. Flat anvil of 130 mm +-3MM diameter

Dropping height

: Adjustable between 1.5 and 3 metre


: 3 off, mounted in three mutually perpendicular directions

07. Penetration Test Apparatus Accessory Fixture for measuring flexibility of peak
08. Rigidity Tester


Ultra-Voilet Conditioning Chamber

Helmets are subjected to conditioning under different atmospheric conditions before they are subjected to the impact absorption test. One of these conditions involves exposure to ultraviolet radiations, followed by spraying of water on top of the helmets. This conditioning can be carried out in a special chamber having provision for exposing the helmet to ultraviolet radiations, followed by spraying it with water from a spray nozzle.
Specification for Protective Helmets for Motorcycle Riders

Technical Details

Size of chamber

45 x 45 x 75 cm

Ultra-violet radiation lamp

125 watts

Rate of flow of water

1 liter / minute

Range of rotameter

6 to 60 liter / hour

10. Wooden Head Forms with circumference at head band level:I. 500 mm to 570 mm II. 580 mm to 640 mm


Apparatus for Checking Clearance above Head, Wearing Height, and Nape Strap Length

02. Corrosion Resistance tester
-Extra for Air Compressor with ½ HP motor and pressure switch


Electrical Resistance Tester

Electrical resistance is of a great importance in case of conductive and anti-static footwear. The electrical resistance of footwear is measured at a specified voltage applied between a copper contact plate on which the footwear is placed and steel balls kept in the footwear
Requirement and Test Methods for Safety, Protective, and Occupational Footwear for Professional Use
Electrical Resistance

Technical Details

Test voltage

100 ± 2 volts DC

Internal electrodes

4 mm diameter steel balls (total mass 4 kg)

External electrode

100 mm x 230 mm x 6 mm thick copper plate

Voltmeter (make AE)

199.9 volts DC (digital)

Ammeter (make AE)

A (digital)mA, and 19.99 m199.9 mA, 1999


Flammability Tester

a. Model A
b. Model B
The ability of non-metallic helmets used by policemen to withstand flame without getting damaged is determined by holding the helmet over a suitable head-form as in normal use and applying the flame from a Barthel burner on its outside at right angle to the outer surface. The helmet is turned through one complete rotation under the flame, and the effect of flame on the helmet observed to evaluate its resistance to flaming.
Specification for Non-Metal Helmets for Firemen and Civil Defence Personnel
Specification for Non-Metal Helmets for Police Force
Technical Details
Range of force measurement


Hot Air Oven (Memmert type)

with digital temperature indicator cum controller size 45 x 45 x 45 cm
06.Lamp Bracket and Cable Clip Strength Tester
07.Rigidity Tester


Shock Absorption Tester cum Penetration Resistance Tester

a.Frame assembly
b.Wooden block and electronic force measuring arrangement for shock absorption test
c.Strikers for penetration test
i.Striker 1 – for plumb bob test
ii.Striker 2 – for plumb bob test
iii.Striker 3 – for plate test
09.Strength of Retention System Tester cum Apparatus for Determination of Strength of Chin-Straps
10. Water Spray Apparatus