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Wire Testing Equipments


Ericson Deep Draw Tester



Reverse Bending Apparatus

A. For Wires (Motorised)
B. For Wires and Strips (Manual)
03. Rotary Fatigue Tester


Torsion Tester for Wires

A. Hand Operated (for wires upto 3 mm diameter)
B. Motor Operated (for wires upto 6 mm diameter)
05. Torsion Testing Machine for Round & Flat Metal Bars


Wrapping Testing Machine for Wire

A. Motorised Model
B. Manual Model


Abrasion Tester (Single Stroke Type)

02. Cut Through Test Apparatus
03. Elongation Tester
A. Hand Operated
B. Motor Operated with digital indication for elongation


Jerk Tester

05. Peeling Tester
06. Springiness Tester
A. For round wires upto 1.6 mm dia
B. For round wires of diameter over 1.6 mm diameter and rectangular wires


Torsion Tester

08. Twisting Device for Breakdown Voltage Test
01. Tensile Strength Tester with grips for holding barbed wire
02. Mandrel Wrapping Apparatus